InstaTab – Instagram Tab for Facebook Pages

Hello fans! This is a home page of the Facebook application “Instatab“.
Publish your Instagram feed to your Facebook page. Search photos by Tag, comment, like and share!


Branding Options:

Visit this landing page to install app on your page or check some example pages.


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  1. Samantha says:

    Hi There! I am wondering how to customize the tab on our facebook page. I have seen it on a couple FB pages but can’t figure out how to create one! Is there a website that has steps to follow?

  2. roinbaw says:

    Hi, I’m missing a function, where I could share a photo from inside InstaTab to my page wall, as page admin. I can only share/post it to my personal profile with my personal account (ID). I would like to share a photo on my page wall as page admin (with page ID) – to remind people of this tab being there for them and there is no way to at least share a direct URL – one that would actually take people to this tab or an individual photo.
    Whatever link I copy/use, it just takes me to my page.

    Is there a way to add this option?
    BR, Klavdija

  3. Felipe says:

    Hi, if Photo Privacy is ON in my Instagram account. That’s mean I can see the #(hashtag) photos posted on InstaTab?

  4. Slava Kitch says:

    That’s a really simple but great app!
    The feature I found missed if feeding pix made in certain location. Similar what guys at do but integrated to FB.
    Will you consider this?
    Thank you!

  5. Kevin Marston says:

    Just started using instatab for my fan page and really liking it. I’m displaying all the photos based on a hashtag which works perfectly but is there a way to find out who actually took the instagram photo as I would like to ask their permission to publish it on our timeline?

    Many thanks

  6. Andre says:

    How can I have access to the branding options?

  7. Xenius says:

    Hi all!

    Somebody can explain me why I can’t show more than a row of pictures in my Instatab page on facebook?

    Many thanks

  8. Hey Vladimir,

    Awesome app!
    Just wondering how to get branding options and customize the tab on our facebook page?



  9. Friso says:

    Hey Vladimir,

    is it possible to show 2 different feeds in one instatab?
    we are a dj duo an i want to share our both feeds at the same tab.




  10. Tanisha says:

    Does it take a while to show hastag feeds? I have been waiting a couple of minutes and the page is busy, but nothing is loading.

  11. Thiago says:

    Hey Vladimir, could please tell me how do i customize my Instatab’s tab on Facebook?

  12. Juliano says:


    I want to make a # search feed, but, i want to moderate the content…its possible?


  13. Jacko says:

    Hi, in my page:

    I see only a part of all photos with the hashtag #wrevents why??

    thks in advance :))

  14. sammo says:

    How do you add a small description before the photos section? I want to do an introduction about the tab page.

  15. Enrique Olorvida says:

    Hi Vladimir, im just wondering if you can add the “follow us on instagram” button 🙂 thanks!

  16. Salem says:

    i install instatab in my facebook page but when i try to search for my instagram name i can’t find it .. and my instagram account is not private . can you help me in this problem ?

  17. Ann Therese says:

    I’m not able to use #hashtags at my instatab. What’s wrong ? The spinner are running, and nothing happens. If I use the Instagram name it’s OK- but I want all the # showed….

  18. John says:

    Great app.
    How do I get the branding options and how to I customize the tab. I see some instatab tabs with the rainbow colors, I only see the standard blue tab on my Facebook page.

  19. Vienna says:

    Vladimir just wanted to say thanks for all the different tabs! They are such awesome apps for FB. If you get a chance some spotify & soundcloud oriented tabs would be so cool too…………. 🙂

  20. Charlotte says:

    how do i personalise the instagram tab image to something in my own brand?


  21. Mathias says:


    I’ve installed the tab on my FB page and added my Instagram username but no pictures are shown under the Administrator Panel bar, eventhough there are pictures on the Instagram profile. Why is this? Am I missing something really simple?


  22. Cedrick says:

    Hi! I already have Instatab in the like page I’m managing.

    How can I add my the org’s IG account? So it will be visible in the Instatab in FB.

  23. Ian says:

    How can I uninstall the Instatab from our like page? Please respond thanks

  24. Oleg says:

    Добрый день, у меня Instatab не отображает фото по названию аккаунта в Инстаграме (, а только по хэштегу, таким образом в ленту попадают чужие и нежелательные фото. Или мне нужно придумать уникальный хэштег?

  25. Natalie says:

    Hi, I am trying to add this app to the Caledon Farms FB page, but it’s not working properly. The app installed properly, but when I add my Instagram account name, no feed shows up. Can you help please. Thank you.

  26. Sañíego says:

    Trying to add to a work page I manage. Do I put my instagram name as #dikeoucollection or dikeoucollection? Can’t get either to load properly. Do I need to wait for images to populate?

  27. Keziah says:

    I already installed instatab on my page and i don’t know how to linked it in my Instagram account. I tried to put my instagram name (Application Settings > Instagram Name) but there are no showing pictures. 🙁

  28. Keziah says:

    It keeps on saying “Empty Feed… Check your Instagram account privicy settings or add some photos.” but I actually have photos in it.

  29. Leyana says:

    we were already using Insta Tab on Facebook.
    Today we just changed the hashtag but it does not work, it does not show any pictures (when it is supposed to show at least 4 photos).
    What can we do?
    Thank you.

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