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Youtube Tab App for Pages

Hello fans! Check my new application “Youtube Tab“!.
Visit this landing page to install app on your page.

Application based on Facebook and Youtube APIs, PHP, MySQL and jQuery.

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SpriteRight is a spritesheet generator for the Mac that lets you import your existing images or stylesheets. Make your sites load faster, cut bandwidth costs and save time. SpriteRight even generates CSS code on the fly.

Must have tool for any web developer! Just awesome application. CSS processing – is a killer feature, on sale now, only 4.99$.

Home page and AppStore link.

CSS3 Click Chart

CSS3 Click Chart – Code examples, descriptions, links, tutorials, polyfills, tools, and browser support info for all new CSS3 features.
Project on GitHub

Flickr Tab – Released!

Hello fans! First stable version of my pilot application “Flickr Tab” was released today.
Visit this landing page to install app on your page or check some example pages.

Application based on Facebook and Flickr APIs, PHP, MySQL and some jQuery powered.

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Cross Browser Support for Console.log()

Almost all programmers use browsers Javascript-console for debugging.
The console is built into Chrome, Opera, IE and installed with Firebug in Firefox.
But she has a couple of disadvantages, which can be very easy to fix.

console.log('Cross Browser Support!');

They are:

Lets fix these problems quickly and easily!

Sparrow for iPhone

Coming soon!

Webkit dummy 3D operation

Useful hack to stop elements flickering while CSS transitions are in progress/active.
Just apply this dummy rule to the body or a specific element to prevent render issues.

-webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);