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SpriteRight is a spritesheet generator for the Mac that lets you import your existing images or stylesheets. Make your sites load faster, cut bandwidth costs and save time. SpriteRight even generates CSS code on the fly.

Must have tool for any web developer! Just awesome application. CSS processing – is a killer feature, on sale now, only 4.99$.

Home page and AppStore link.

Google Sesame

Sesame – new awesome feature from google.

Go to the link, use your phone to scan the QRcode on the page and hit the resultant url – the desktop browser will automagically redirect to your logged-in gmail without entering your password. You are in!

We constantly experiment with new and more secure authentication mechanisms, and it looks like you found one of our experiments. Note that this feature is not officially supported and may go away at any time – we’re already working on something better.
Dirk Balfanz, Google Security Team.

Best solution for public/unsecure workstation. Go Google!

Tip for Youtube Developers

Im just trying to apply better optimization to the original youtube sprite image:

Original (34.98 KB):
youtube sprite image
Optimized (13.64 KB):

Optimized image (right one) – more than twice smaller in size, but pretty identical visually.

Im using free tools for this optimization, ImageAlpha and then ImageOptim.

Thanks for attention!

My NEW Facebook Application! Flickr Tab!

Just released – FlickrTab. Second beta version. Please, feel free for install and test.

FlickrTab — the best and easiest way to integrate Flickr and Facebook.

Thank you!

Magic Lantern Christmas Edition – HDR Video & FPS Control

Features, Download link and (more…)

Sparrow for iPhone

Coming soon!